Plus, We Hear He Has a Black Baby

Yes, we are the only people in Washington who came in to work today. Thanks for noticing. We also have a head cold. We will be a good 30% meaner than usual for the rest of the week.

So, for example, when we read about MAVERICK SENATOR JOHN "MAVERICK" MCCAIN and his budding friendship with the President, we will not hesitate to call him a complete fucking tool.

And Mr. Bush's senior political adviser, Karl Rove, was said by associates to have put aside his suspicion and dislike of Mr. McCain. The two spent time together during the 2004 campaign when, Mr. Rove told associates, they drew close. Mr. Rove gave Mr. McCain a pair of antique Theodore Roosevelt presidential cufflinks at the end of that race.

How cute. Trading integrity for cufflinks. The good Senator is not even very good at pretending to be a maverick anymore, as after years of trashing the fairly popular Bush administration, he now publicly embraces the politically crippled Bush administration -- while they try to saddle him with Jeb. Way to go, MAVERICK. You tool.

A New Partnership Binds Old Republican Rivals [NYT]


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