Poison Satellite Could Reign In Terror For Weeks

The Pentagon lied again today, saying the operation to nuke the poisonous satellite of death "appears to have succeeded in destroying a tank filled with toxic rocket fuel." Well whoop-de-doo, because this threat is far from over: "Most of the debris, the statement said, already re-entered the atmosphere or would within coming weeks."

The Pentagon thinks it can fool us sheeple with its grand narratives. But we see your sly insertions, Mr. Robert McNamara:

"Based on debris analysis, officials are confident the missile intercept and destruction of a non-functioning National Reconnaissance Office satellite achieved the objective of destroying the hydrazine tank and reducing, if not eliminating, the risk to people on Earth from the hazardous chemical" ... The statement said a joint space operations headquarters based at Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California, was tracking fewer than 3,000 pieces of debris, "all smaller than a football."

So the poisonous satellite was destroyed successfully, meaning that for the next few weeks, 3,000 pieces of still-toxic death, the size of children's footballs, will rapidly fall into your skull.

Pentagon Calls Satellite Hit a Success [NYT]


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