Politico Gets All Nostalgic About the Deadly Aluminum Tubing Saddam Hussein Ordered From SkyMall


  • Would you people please subscribe to Atlantic Monthly so the editors don't regret putting that year-old Andrew Sullivan email to George W. Bush on the cover? [Daily Dish]
  • Just like the DC Madame, Christoper Kelly weighed his options. Should he cooperate with the authorities and maybe serve a little jail time? Or should he park his car in a lumber yard, and kill himself? Life is fun and stuff but honestly, knowing possibly incriminating things about Rod Blagojevich was just a burden too heavy to bare. [Huffington Post]

  • Support the Fightin' Four! (Don't.) [RedState]

  • Politico, keeping with its blatant "Flat Earth Society" bias, continues to proudly peddle multifarious Cheneyisms, including the classic, "Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were members of the same World of Warcraft guild". [Matt Yglesias]

  • If Noah hadn't made his fancy Ark and saved humanity, Darwin and his silly theory would have never come to pass. Oh the cruel irony! [The Daily Dish]


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