Politico's SCOOP Reveals Journalists Talk To Each Other, With Covert Digital Marxist iGroupthink Thing


  • Oh, wonder what they are talking about today on America's most illicit chain email, Die JournoList. Hm, how do you say "Michael Calderone" in Navajo? [Politico]
  • Here is some playful near-homophone, anti-homophobe agitprop, brought to you by, who else, Chicago-based gays. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • This must be a new photo that's surfaced of the Vietnamese elaborately torturing John McCain. [Hotline On Call]
  • O. Hussein Kennedy has shipped Daniel Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, to Ireland, for ambassadoring purposes. [The Caucus]
  • The Republicans were so excited that Sarah Palin, of the Wasilla Palins, would be speaking at some event in June. Except obviously even moose garbage like Sarah Palin doesn't want to tarnish her image by doing that. [Ben Smith]

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