Egad, an awards show did a Fake News comedy sketch that politicized the Grammys. We know some of you never watch the videos, but this one's pretty cute. Because of the terrible, unprecedented intrusion of politics into pop music, TrumpWorld will now shun popular music just like the Grammys shunned Jay-Z last night (we are very topical!). The sketch imagined narrator auditions for an audiobook of Michael Wolff's best-selling tell-much book All These People Are Flaming Dipshits, with some big music industry people reading from the book.

John Legend read the bit about Donald Trump not reading anything, Cher read the part about Trump's hair color resulting from his being too impatient to leave "Just For Men" in very long, then Snoop Dogg (note the little wisp of digital-effects smoke, ha! ha!) took the part where Trump was angry that no big stars showed up for his inauguration, and added "I definitely wasn’t there."

Cardi B, a rapper -- thanks for the scorecard, WaPo; no, we mean it -- read the thing about Trump's fondness for eating cheeseburgers in bed, and pretended to be grossed out: "Why am I even reading this sh-[bleep]? I can’t believe that he really -- This is how he lives his life?" Then DJ Khaled (again, thanks WaPo!) read the stuff about Trump freaking out at and telling housekeepers not to pick his shirts up off the floor, because that's where he wants 'em. (OK, really the Last chance to watch the video before our big "spoiler.")

The last "audition" was somebody holding the book briefly in front of her face, then lowering it to reveal she was the devil incarnate. She probably made an Illuminati hand gesture, too -- check Alex Jones later. She read the passage about Trump's fear of being poisoned:

One reason why he likes to eat at McDonald’s. Nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely pre-made

You can't tell from the pre-recorded video above, but the audience went nuts and cheered and stuff. It was nicely done!

Do we credit gifs anyway? Can't hurt. Gif via WaPo.

The joke was NOT APPRECIATED by at least two members of TrumpWorld. Nikki Haley's whole evening was ruined by the spectacle, because why would you go and bring politics into the popular music?

And Donald Trump Jr. weighed in to dicksplain that only a big LOSER would ever make fun of his daddy, who's the greatest president ever, so take that, LOSER:

It really is sad when people take an event where the entertainment compliments its own wonderfulness like a common Steve Bannon sucking his own cock and then ruin it by adding politics, unless of course it it a brave individualist we've never heard of showing up wearing a big fetus dress:

She is VERY BRAVE for bucking the Hollywood Liberal Elite Groupthink, unlike that liberal jerk Oprah, who outrageously said rape is bad:

We sure do appreciate that this lady is willing to speak uncomfortable truths that are not at all dumb rightwing clichés:

Way to go, Fetus Dress lady who wore a MAGA dress last year and that's the only reason anyone Googled you! Your brave stand against welfare for DACA recipients, who are mostly all employed or in school full time, and aren't eligible for welfare to begin with, will surely open hearts and minds.

Also, now that Hillary was mean to him at the Grammys, we suppose Trump will respond with all the maturity he showed after Barack Obama mocked him at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Sorry, DACA recipients, somebody has to take the fall, and it's probably you.

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