Politifact Coulda Just Given Tucker Its Lie Of The Year Award, TBH

With news coming out every hour about Mark Meadows's dirty sexts and the Fox News hosts and seditionists who sent them, the time couldn't be more perfect for Politifact to drop its Lie Of The Year award. And the award goes to ... Elon Musk!

Wait, sorry, wrong internet article.

The award goes to literally every lie anybody has ever told about the domestic terrorist attack Donald Trump incited on the Capitol on January 6. And in the recap Politifact wrote, Tucker Carlson's name is mentioned one gabillion times. So in a fairly significant way, the award is Tucker's.

Politifact notes that it really had a lot of lies to choose from (all of which came out of the stinking assbowels of Republicans' mouths, we should mention). It coulda done Donald Trump's continuing Big Lie about the election he lost like a loser, which is the lie that undergirds what happened January 6. It coulda done all the deadly lies Republicans tell about COVID vaccines. But Politifact says this one was special, because of the historical significance of the US Capitol being breached for the first time since the War of 1812, this time by Americans, for the express purpose of overthrowing democracy, rendering moot the idea of a "peaceful transfer of power." Politifact's other reason was that (paraphrase) we all watched the fucker on TV and these anti-American assholes have lied about it for a solid year anyway.

In a tweetstorm explaining the decision, Politifact notes that after we watched a vicious mob with weapons try to overthrow democracy, the lie of "NOT A INSURRECTION" started immediately. (Laura Ingraham told it last night.)

Ron Johnson, Senate's Dumbest Republican, has been insisting for months that you can't call it "armed," even though they had all these weapons. They lied about it being Antifa and a false flag, and Sean Hannity was on the radio Just Asking Questions about it by the afternoon. A month later, Johnson read conspiracy theories to that effect into the Congressional Record.

And then there's Goddamned Tucker, who has insisted many things about January 6: that it wasn't an insurrection; that it definitely wasn't a white supremacist attack even though it was committed by all these white supremacists; that any effort to hold those domestic terrorists accountable is an attack on all his (white) viewers and also on YOU; and that those people attacking the Capitol because they thought the election was unfair/rigged/stolen were right, to some degree. He literally said that last night. Of course, the implied message that Tucker surprisingly doesn't say out loud is that he and his white supremacist viewers will find any election "unfair" if Black people's votes and the votes of other people of color deny victory to their white choice.

Quite frankly, it's like he's been hosting a reality show called "So You Want To Be A White Supremacist Terrorist Sympathizer?" At the beginning of this year, we remarked that these things were vile, even for Tucker. Now we just say it's Tucker.

Tucker blamed the FBI, in a lie that apparently started with Alex Jones. Here's a small excerpt of Politifact explaining how that one spread like a new variant of COVID that magically fused itself with butt herpes and immediately invaded CPAC:

InfoWars founder Alex Jones said later that he had provided feedback to Revolver News on the article, and that he had helped get it into Carlson’s hands.

Carlson followed up with op-eds and segments promoting the FBI false flag theory. Daily Wire host Candace Owens tweeted that it was "common sense." House Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Matt Gaetz, R-Fla. tweeted out clips of Carlson’s interview with Beattie.

In a House floor speech, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, cited the Revolver News article and said he saw Carlson’s segment on it. "This is like Putin kind of activity," said Gohmert.

The hysterical prematurely ejaculating climax of all of it, of course, came when Tucker released his "1/6 Was A Planned Demolition" inside job documentary, Patriot Purge.

And there are so many more, and not just Tucker.

Politifact goes through contributions from Republican seditionist congressmen like Paul Gosar and Louie Gohmert, and tiny-faced unfuckables like Charlie Kirk. They talk about Newsmax and Gateway Pundit, and the conspiracy theories they helped spread about Antifa, even as some of the MAGA idiot attackers were loudly and proudly saying NUH UH!

It's quite a summary of the astonishing, batshit kudzu-spreading lies we've been subjected to on a daily basis, about a white supremacist terrorist attack that, again, we watched on television. And really, we've only excerpted it lightly. So read it all if you have the time.

And if you want to relive the day from another perspective, go back and read Wonkette's liveblog, entitled "Liveblogging What Should Be Democracy's Most Boring Day But Isn't Because Donald Trump Is A Crybaby Loser." Good lord, we had no idea how correct that headline would end up being an hour and a half after we posted it.

And then Donald Trump's terrorists started storming the Capitol. We all watched that together. It happened.


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