Poll: Americans Are More Ageist Than Sexist Or Racist

Lost scenes from 'Cocoon'No matter who the Democrats nominate for the Presidency this fall, the candidate's sure to be a slam dunk -- because as much as they hate women and black people, most American citizens would rather chew off their own arms than elect a person over the age of 70. Thus John McCain will surrender to noble Defeat in November, the victim of a cruel public that hates him for his physical frailty and weak mind.

The 110-year-old candidate has done his best to look "vigorous" this campaign season, mostly by romancing reporters with promises of dry rubs and plastering his Web site with 50-year-old photos of himself. But this deceives no one who can remember back to Bob Dole's embarrassing 1996 Presidential run, which also failed because the candidate was so horribly old.

None of this bodes well for Hillary Clinton, either, who will run as Vice President in 2008 and 2012 before taking up her bid for the top of the ticket in 2016 at the tender age of 1 million.

Will age be just a number in '08? [Politico]


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