Poll Position: Is Anal Sex Getting Its Fair Share?

Will Saletan enlightens us with a probing look at the Great Anal Sex Cover-up. According to Saletan's review of the national sex survey whose more celebrated factoids included our best evidence ever that a woman may get elected president, the kids are totally getting in the rear. Thirty-four percent of men and 32 percent of women ages 22–24 admit to coming in through the out door and it just gets worse (better?) after that. But Saletan thinks that the study's findings on the prevalence of oral sex got more play because "Even liberals can digest sexual revolutions only one taboo at a time. We think oral sex is the new frontier. We think talking about it in print and sex education classes makes us hip and candid." We disagree. We think the media avoided spreading the assfucking news because the very thought of it makes makes people uncomfortable. We're doing our part to change that.

Ass Backwards [Slate]


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