Poll: Who's Running the Worst Campaign in America?

Much of this week's blogging has focused on the errors, clowning, and general imbecility of people who want, ostensibly, to win elections. It feels like a good time to ask which candidate is blowing it in the most spectacular/pathetic fashion. I'm expecting the winner to have the initials "K" and "H," but I'm including a few dark horses that did't get much coverage so far this week, and leaving it open for new nominations. If you click the "someone else" box, comment or email your pick to tips at wonkette.com. (Any intimate gossip on why these campaigns are sucking wind would be welcome.)

A quick introduction to our dark horses:

Tom Suozzi - Democratic candidate for governor of New York. Entered the race against Eliot Spitzer in February, polling at 8%. Spent $6.2 million on a campaign bashing his rival. Now polls at 9%.

Chris Bell - Democratic candidate for governor of Texas. Lost a lawsuit against Tom DeLay's redistricting plan. Polls fourth out of four candidates, after Kinky Friedman and someone who prefers to be called "Grandma." Future of the party?

-- David Weigel


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