Let's End A Rollicking Sex Week With Some Juicy Bouncy POLL PORN!

Some very fun numbers-crunching from a new poll by Donald Trump's favored "news" source, Fox News. It doesn't have a lot of happy news for the "president," possibly because this is from the Shep Smith side of the organization, not under the byline of Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson or the idiots in the morning. Get ready for Fox News viewers to accuse Fox of doing "fake polls."

Just look at Fox's own summary of some of the top findings!

- President Trump's job rating remains underwater.

- Republicans alone say the economy is in positive shape.

- The GOP tax law is less popular (40 percent favorable) than Obamacare (51 percent favorable).

- The Republican Party is less popular (39 percent favorable) than the Democratic Party (50 percent favorable).

- Optimism about life for the next generation of Americans is down eight points from last year.

- There is greater enthusiasm to vote in the midterms among out-of-power Democrats.

We're especially fond of that next to last one: Trump has made America lose hope for the future, sigh. The actual details from the poll aren't anything for Trump to tweet about, either, because while Fox does suck, at least they're not Rasmussen. How about Trump's approval rating overall?

That's at least better than the latest AP poll, which has Trump with a disapproval rating of 60 percent, and just 38 percent approval. We bet it can still go lower.

And on individual issues, the only category where more respondents thought Trump was doing OK was the economy, and that just barely:

How about that Bobby Three-Sticks guy, huh? Trump has a 45 percent approval rating, but how about the leader of the Witch Hunt? Here's a Fox News graphic you won't likely see onscreen during Hannity's Five-Minute Hate anytime soon:

Oh dear. That would be a double-digit advantage for Mueller -- and the poll was taken before Tuesday's tsunami of guilty pleas and convictions against Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. Thank Crom the Republicans at least have their Big Fat Tax Cuts for Rich Fuckwads to run on, because that's the most popular thing any president has ever done, at least among the last two presidents. Oh, yeah, that one was already in the summary: Obamacare had stronger approval (51 percent) than the tax cuts (40 percent). That, and Trump's low approval on his handling of healthcare (55 percent disapprove, 33 percent approve), just might be something Democrats will want to keep in mind for the midterm campaign, because looky here at what issue is currently at the top of voters' concerns:

If Democrats run on healthcare and Republicans run on immigration and the border, those numbers look like they could be useful, although of course every district will have different dynamics, which is our way of reminding y'all that there's no such thing as a national congressional ballot. But trends, for sure.

Also too, speaking of healthcare, let's hop on over to another poll, this one by Reuters/Ipsos, on issues that have been getting progressives excited lately. A lot of Rs have been vowing they'll mop the floor with any Democrat who pushes Medicare for All, because damn it, that's socialism and do you want to live in a Maoist gulag like Nazi Canada, DO YOU? Turns out, hell yes, we do -- even a slim majority of Republicans:

Now, we suppose we'd like to know more about the details on that poll, like maybe whether some portion of the respondents thought they were saying they think everyone should get Medicare when they retire, as opposed to supporting expanding Medicare to cover all Americans. You never know what crazy notions people will get in their heads, as we saw with polling that showed people loved the "Affordable Care Act" but hated "Obamacare."

But it sure looks like Americans may be less afraid of scary socialized medicine, at least in theory. In broad terms, at least, Dems who are embracing Medicare for All could be pleasantly surprised this fall -- especially when Trumpcare is pushing a return to annual coverage caps and denial of coverage for preexisting conditions as the neatest idea ever. Now if Dems can figure out how to get more mileage out of the comparison -- maybe call Trumpcare's limits "insurance company death panels"?

Jaw amongst yourselves, it's your OPEN THREAD.

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