Polls Say Americans OK With Personal Sacrifice If It Means Kicking Putin's Ass

Would you be shocked to learn that for the most part, Americans seem to get what's going on when it comes to Russia's brutal and illegal war on Ukraine?

We are as surprised as you are, what with all the polarization in American society and the fact that much of rightwing media in this country is desperate Kremlin propaganda that paints Vladimir Putin as the good guy. Hell, before this war started, a whole swath of the country thought the biggest news of the day was some rednecks in semi trucks who all perished under the dictator's thumb of Justin Trudeau (but don't worry they got better).

But here it is, on paper, or rather on the internet, in a poll. In fact, we have two polls to look at quickly.

The first, from the Wall Street Journal, finds that fully 79 percent of Americans support banning Russian oil, just like President Joe Biden did yesterday, even if it means gas prices go up, which they are. Raise your hands if you thought that many Americans had any concept of shared sacrifice for the good of somebody else. That poll found that only 13 percent are opposed to the ban.

And indeed support is bipartisan. Sure, it's fewer Republicans than it is Democrats, but even then it's still 77 percent of Republicans, compared to 88 percent of Democrats. It's 72 percent of people who said they would vote for Donald Trump in 2024! You see, there's hope for (some of) those people when El Shithole isn't around as much to be a bad influence and bring out the worst in them.

Lest you think this is an outlier, or that the Wall Street Journal accidentally only asked people with souls or a brain, which would have skewed the sample and produced an unfair slice of the American electorate, Quinnipiac found similar results this week. In their poll, it was 71 percent who support banning Russian oil, with only 22 percent opposed. Yes, even if it means they have to pay a bit more for gas.

“Americans are ready to put a chokehold on Russia’s key financial lifeblood, oil, no matter what the consequences are at the pump,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said.

What is this America that Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy speaks of? We didn't know it existed!

Those results were bipartisan too, but yet again Democrats are a bit more united on the issue than Republicans. (This time it's 82 percent of Democrats, versus 70 percent of Republicans.)

As for Joe Biden's approval ratings, they've been ticking up a bit since the State of the Union and since Russia's invasion, but the Quinnipiac poll says he's still underwater. Get this, though -- it's because people think he isn't kicking Russia's ass enough:

As for the steps the Biden Administration has taken so far to punish Russia, 56% say they are not tough enough, while 30% say they are about right. Only 3 percent labeled them as “too tough,” numbers that are largely unchanged from the previous week’s poll.

Pull out the big guns, Joe Biden! America is into that sort of thing, apparently. Or, you know, do whatever is strategically smart and try not to get us into a nuclear shooting contest with Russia, and tell 56 percent of Americans to cool their jets and put their freedom dicks back in their pants.

That would be fine too.

Much more in that Quinnipiac poll if you like reading things that are interesting. If not, do something else, we don't care.

[WCSC Live5 News]

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