Pollster To O'Reilly: Romney Is So Far Ahead In Invisible Polls That I Quit


David Paleologos, director of polling at Suffolk University, has "pulled" his pollsters out of Florida, North Carolina and Virginia because it is simply impossible for Barack Obama to win.

Paleologos said the movement towards Romney in the three states was “overwhelming.” Obama was in particular trouble in Florida, where even before last week’s presidential debate he was only up by 46 percent to 43 percent over Romney.

He described that as “a poor place to be” for an incumbent, adding that supporters of 10 fringe candidates on the ballot in the Sunshine State overwhelmingly had Romney as their second choice, meaning they were likely to vote for him if they did not want to waste their vote.

Wait, huh? Homeboy is going to stop polling because Obama wasn't up by enough? Are you even allowed to do that under the Pollster Code?

Suffolk University has polled the presidential race exactly twice since May. They found Obama up by two in Virginia on September 27, and up by three in Florida on October 2.

Now, you could believe that Suffolk was going to do the three states mentioned above again over the coming weeks, and decided not to because of magic overwhelming numbers that showed a landslide. Or you could just look back at their 2008 polling, where Suffolk didn't poll North Carolina at all, polled Virginia and Florida (at nearly the exact same time in early October!) and did a handful of other scattered polling over the next month, including Florida like a month later.

Why, it's almost like David Paleologos is trying to make a completely baseless partisan point while obscuring the fact that his tiny polling outfit doesn't do much polling and wasn't going to poll these states again anyway!




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