They could always go to public school.

There are reports out that one incoming member of the Trump White House, Kellyanne Conway, might be having a little trouble finding a swanky private school to take her kids to, once they pack up the motor home and roll into Washington next month!

Conway divulged her fears to other parents at the Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ, on Thursday night, when her twins, George and Claudia, performed a concert with other students. Alicia Keys was also there to hear her goddaughter perform. [...]

While in DC on Wednesday with her kids looking at schools, Conway told me, “I would not characterize myself as ‘worried’ so much as amused by the silence and sighs on the other end of the phone when friends and allies have made preliminary inquiries on our behalf.”

While the posh private schools’ handbooks and websites all preach “diversity” and “open-mindedness,” Conway said, “For some, there is a comfort in sameness.”

Oh, boo hoo, everybody is so mean to conservatives, especially among elite groups where everybody is a big liberal for some reason. (The reason is because they are educated.)

However, we at Wonkette are sympathetic to Kellyanne Conway's plight, and would encourage a nice school to go ahead and take her kids, even if it's not Sidwell Friends where the Obama kids have attended, as that's probably a bit above the Conways' social class.

Because, you see, Kellyanne Conway might be a terrible person, a hypocrite, a craven liar and a Pharisee who has sold her soul to the devil for cold hard cash. And her husband, George Conway, may be a Clinton-obsessed dork who has literally made his legal career off being a Clinton-obsessed dork (he was one of Paula Jones's lawyers in the 1990s). Total losers, if you ask us! HOWEVER! The sins of the parents are decidedly not the sins of the children, who are probably still very nice at this point, as they are quite young. Moreover, those kids still have hope, that they might not turn out like mommy and daddy! And a nice, liberal DC school could help with that.

So look, DC schools. You have a patriotic duty to take these children in, teach them right and wrong, show them that gay kids (the Conways might end up having a gay kid!) and black kids and Hispanic kids and Muslim kids are all worthy of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ... in short, show them, by example, that their mommy literally works for the devil, Donald Trump, who stands opposed to all good and true things.

And maybe one day, those kids will grow up to be nice, productive members of society, and they can all write books and articles in The Atlantic about what dicks their parents are.

See? Everybody wins.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Barring that, Conway could always homeschool her children, oh wait, she can't, because she's a mom going to work in the White House, even though Kellyanne Conway is strongly opposed to moms working in the White House, but we guess her own rules don't apply to her, oh well, fuck it.

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