Poor Chuck Schumer. Poor "every Democratic senator who must endure being in Hillary's shadow."

GQ's Lisa DePaulo recently interviewed Senator Feingold -- and she just couldn't stop asking breathless questions about Hillary. After a few questions about wiretapping, this hard-hitting exchange ensued:

russell%20feingold%20russ%20feingold%20senator.jpgHave you been to Iraq?


And the first time was with Hillary, right?

Yes. And both times with John McCain.

What was it like traveling with Hillary?

It was a blast.


It was a great group. First of all, to be able to sit there and watch Hillary Clinton and John McCain just shoot the breeze? I mean, I felt like, whatever I had to do to get here? It was worth it.

Did they like each other, Hillary and McCain?

I think so. Absolutely. She was fun. She's got a great sense of humor.

Tell me how. Give me an example.

She likes to laugh. If somebody says something outrageous, she pursues it and makes them defend it. Or she can give them a hard time, which I really enjoy. I remember one night she said, "That's enough work--let's hear some good stories." I can't give you all the details. [smiles]

Did she pack more than everybody else?

What's that?

Did she pack more than everybody else?

[laughs] That would be a dangerous area for me to get into, because I may pack a little more than I should.

So you pack like a girl?

There would be those who would say that. And it would not be the easiest thing to deny.

Now, don't get us wrong; we're not making fun of DePaulo. Glass houses, stones, etc. We're addicted to Hillary too. Who isn't?

The Real Maverick [GQ]


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