Poor, Trusting Matt Drudge Betrayed Again

Drudge is shocked by the "news" that Congress isn't in session today. This is an apparent violation of their promise to accomplish everything ever in 100 hours, then spend the rest of the year making lanyards or learning to knit or something.

You knew this, of course, if you read us (or the Washington Post), but it's still very upsetting to Matt.

But on the morning after the night before, on the first full week of the new congress, Hoyer has pulled back from his vow!

A Hoyer press release obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT boldly declares: "Monday, January 8, 2007: The House is not in session."

That link, in case you didn't mouse-over, goes to a pdf hosted on Steny Hoyer's House website. We never knew one could use "obtained" to mean "linked to," but we're old-fashioned like that.

We at Wonkette talked to our anonymous House sources and learned this even more shocking news: The entire House of Representatives doesn't plan to meet once -- let alone vote! -- for the entirety of April 2 through 8!

Dem Vow Already Broken: House Sets 4-Day Work Week [Drudge Report]

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