Pope Can't Get Hired At Facebook, And Ben Domenech Is Real Mad!

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Pope Can't Get Hired At Facebook, And Ben Domenech Is Real Mad!
Photo: Jeon Han, Republic of Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, 2014

If there is anything Fox News likes, it is stories of political correctness (now wokeness) run amok. Unfortunately, there aren't really that many of those stories in real life that don't require a whole lot of puffery to force them into that mold, so sometimes they just have to make them up. They have to free associate various scenarios that would be examples of political correctness run amok were they to actually happen.

And that is how we got here, to Meghan McCain's husband, Ben Domenech, hypothesizing that Pope Francis probably could not get a job at Facebook.

Pope Francis, for the record, has not applied for a job at Facebook.


Using the example of a South American engineer, you know who's multi-lingual, speaks all these different languages, has generally left-of-center economic views and yet holds to traditional perspectives on sex and gender, whether he could actually work at Facebook. Can the Pope work at Facebook today? That seems to me the core question that we face. And if the answer is no then it tells us something about big tech and their nature.


Pope Francis is not an engineer. Prior to going to seminary, he took chemical engineering courses and worked as a chemist, but that would not be the kind of engineering that would qualify one for a job at Facebook. There are many different kinds of engineers, a thing I learned as a child after learning that, sadly, my grandfather was not a train conductor and probably didn't even own a pair of those stripey overalls with the matching hat.

Of course, there are likely lots of jobs that one can have at Facebook that do not require a degree in engineering or even knowing how to code. Perhaps there would be a job there for him, we don't know.

Domenech's argument, however, is that the Pope would not be hired at Facebook specifically because of his "traditional perspectives on sex and gender."

Now, while the Pope has flip-flopped quite a bit on LGBTQ rights and women's rights, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would take that to work with him. It seems highly unlikely that Pope Francis would start his job as Facebook's Chief Translator or whatever and immediately begin berating people for their sexual orientation or gender identity or demanding that women not be allowed on whatever Facebook's version of an altar would be (except to clean it, of course). Benedict? Totally. Benedict would have been all over that. But Pope Frank, while not actively doing anything to get the Church in line with the times, has largely veered towards tolerance on a personal level.

Pope Francis is not a stupid person. He probably knows that you can't go to work with people, be a jerk to them, and then say, "Oh, well, that's just my religion. My religion says you are a sinner." It's not surprising that Ben Domenech doesn't understand this — or, at the very least, does not expect his viewers to understand this.

Facebook probably would hire Pope Francis. But you know who wouldn't? Ben Domenech, who has previously called him a "passive aggressive little whiny jerk."

The Pope, clearly, is not holy enough for Ben Domenech.

As you may recall, the National Labor Relations board found that Domenech had violated his employees labor rights by tweeting that the "first one of you tries to unionize I swear I'll send you back to the salt mines."

Pope Francis happens to be a very big fan of labor unions.

"There is no good society without a good union, and there is no good union that isn't reborn every day in the peripheries, that doesn't transform the rejected stones of the economy into corner stones," the Pontifex said during a 2017 conference with Italian labor leaders.

It sure is telling how the only time people like Ben Domenech give a damn about "employment discrimination" is when it applies to people who want to be shitty to their co-workers due to their "traditional values." And that is not even discrimination, because "asshole" is not a protected class.

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