Sinead O'Connor must be rolling in her grave right now ...

The leader of America's religion, Christianity, finally arrived in America today! The president and his wife and their daughter, Jenna, rushed down to the airport to say howdy. The pope held Jenna's hand and cackled, in German, "You're very pretty, for a girl."

Nice day for a white wedding

Pope Joseph Ratzinger wore his best white gown and proudly waved a crumpled-up paper plate at the Bushes. Fun Fact; The new pope used to be a Nazi Youth for Hitler, in Germany!

Now the time is here for Iron Man to spread fear, Vengeance from the grave, Kills the people he once saved.

And then the Pope raised his arms, clicked his red shoes together three times, and flew away. Bye, Pope! Thanks for the laughs!

Photos by Associated Press.

Pope arrives in U.S., says ashamed by sex abuse [Reuters]


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