Poppycock and Shit, Or, a Short History of Cussing in the Wash Post

If history is any guide (and like reruns on TV, it may be all we've got to guide us into the unknown), the Wash Post is part of the problem of what the multi-talented (read: thankfully dead) entertainer Steve "Steverino" Allen decried as the vulgarization of language.

Re: the Bush shit-storm, Extreme Mortman reminds us a gentler, kinder America, when blacks knew their places, women weren't such bitches (in the bad, pre-rap-music meaning of the term), and Harry S. Truman was giving 'em heck in the letters section of the Post:

Things were a little tamer with the Washington Post before the Internet -- when Harry Truman was stopping bucks in the White House.

In response to Washington Post Music Critic Paul Hume's harsh December 6, 1950, review of Margaret Truman's singing performance at Constitution Hall, President Truman wrote: "you write such poppy-cock."

--Nick Gillespie


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