Popular Republican Joe Lieberman Teaches John McCain How To Win By Losing

This town isn't big enough for this much neck wattleJoe Lieberman and John McCain share a special bond: they are are the most despised members of their political parties. So it's only natural that Lieberman, a Democrat who acts like a Republican, might appear at the Republican National Convention to support his good friend who acts like a Democrat.

Because Lieberman lost the Democratic primary in 2006 and changed his affiliation to Independent so that he could CHEAT his way into keeping his Senate seat, he finds himself in a unique position. His colleagues hate him because he is a warmongering sellout; he hates his colleagues because they all supported the actual Democrat in the 2006 race, Ned Lamont; and his colleagues still have to kiss his ass so that he'll keep caucusing with them and maintain their very narrow lead in the Senate.

In other words, Joe Lieberman became one of the most powerful men in the Senate by alienating everyone, including his own constituents; and now John McCain hopes to recreate that same magic on the presidential level by calling everyone a cunt. He will win the election by a landslide.

Lieberman willing to star at Republican convention [The Hill]


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