Portishead Sings ABBA To Protest Brexit Movement. Your Weekly Dance Party

Portishead: Still cooler than you.

Oh look, it's time to spin our wheel of iTunes and post the first ten songs that come up at random, like we do every week. But first! Many lovers of music are known to constantly say, "WHEN IS THERE GOING TO BE NEW PORTISHEAD, DAMMIT?" Well, today, the answer is RIGHT NOW. Actually, Portishead's cover of ABBA's "SOS" (yes, for real) leaked a couple months back, and it was originally for a movie, but now it has a video! And an explanation that adds a bit more context:

[W]ith the UK voting tomorrow on whether to secede from the EU, Portishead are protesting the secessionist “Brexit” movement. The video ends with a quote from Jo Cox, the Labour Party politician who was gunned down last week: “We have far more in common than that which divides us.”

You remember the Brexit movement, because we splainered it to you early Wednesday. SPOILER: It's mostly about hate and xenophobia. And how sad and timely, to end with that quote from the late Jo Cox. Her 42nd birthday would have been today. Watch it:

Beautiful and haunting, like everything Portishead has ever done.

Now, shall we shuffle Ye Olde iTunes? Yes, we shall. Here are all your songs:

  1. Angel Haze - "Roman's Revenge" (freestyle of "Roman's Revenge" by Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem)
  2. David Byrne & Marisa Monte - "Waters Of March (Águas de Março)" (orig. by Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  3. The Black Lips - "Cruising"
  4. Little Richard - "Keep A Knockin'" (orig. version recorded by James "Boodle It" Wiggins, or even earlier, who even knows)
  5. The Magnetic Fields - "I Don't Want To Get Over You"
  6. Drag The River - "Here's To The Losers"
  7. Charlotte Gainsbourg - "Paradisco" (Joakim's "Paradisco Garage" Remix)
  8. Blitzen Trapper - "Going Down"
  9. Zed Zilla - "One Time"
  10. Miracle Fortress - "Miscalculations"

And here is your music:





And now you are sharing your music in the comments, and also dancing, because this is a dance party, and that is how dance parties work.


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