Posh-Ponce David Cameron Performed For Queen As Rabbit-Goblin

David Cameron is just like us! He dressed like a forest animal for a school play ... along with Prince Edward. And that's how Young Davey first met his royal highness and actual cousin, Queen Elizabeth II. (Posh Davey is the illegitimate-royal great-great-great-great-great grandchild of King William IV, while Cameron's wife is the direct descendant of one of Charles II's royal whores, Nell Gwyn. England is funny.)

Cameron's school was so "posh" that it provided three portable toilets on "Sports Day," when the young ponces are flogged outdoors for the amusement of their elders: There was one porta-potty for men, one for ladies, and one for chauffeurs!

Anyway, the UK still doesn't have a new government, after Posh-Ponce had his meetings with the Liberal Democrats, and now Nick Clegg is going to meet with Gordon Brown, so maybe there will be a Labour/Lib-Dem coalition government, and oh well won't that be saucy! [Daily Mail/BBC News]


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