Possible Clinton Ohio Victory Offends Internet

Hillary is up to her same old self-serving Rovian tricks, and the Internet is furious. She had the gall today to lead new polls in Ohio, where it's starting to look like she'll pull off a victory. Can you believe she would do this to Barack Obama? Take a poll that he was probably winning by 30 points, hack into the survey database with bribes, and readjust it to show herself winning? This Clinton will stop at nothing to continue running for president, even if it means taking the lead in a poll. Fortunately, some bloggers will not sit quietly and watch democracy fall apart like this.

Of course, our dear friend Andrew Sullivan chides this particularly Clintonian poll:

The dread rises. Her lead is growing. The Clintons are like zombies. They never stop; they keep coming at you. And if you don't despatch them quickly and several times over, they simply continue until they despatch you. My worry is that if the Clintons win just one state tomorrow, they won't be able to be thwarted until the summer. If they win more than one, they will treat it as if they just regained the presidency.

Absolutely -- those Clintons would have the nerve to win one state tomorrow and continue running. Are the Clintons going to pretend, again, that this isn't playing the race card?

Fellow Atlantic blogger and Obama supporter Matt Yglesias recognizes this stolen lead as one of those Clinton Cheap Shots: another step towards BILLARY'S ' 35-year-old plan to run in 2012 after losing in 2008:

Now under the circumstances, I see no real way for Clinton to make up the lost delegate lead, but at this point it does seem to me that she and her campaign staff are probably egomaniacal enough that if they pull out a narrow "win" they'll keep running anyway hoping for lightning to strike and seeing the damage it'll do to the party as a feature, rather than a bug, since a crippled Obama who loses to John McCain could set them up for another run in 2012.

It's the same crap they've been pulling for decades: an egomaniacal "win" leads to demonic "momentum" which gives them a racist "chance" at becoming Hitlerish "president." What Hillary's done with this Ohio poll is only the bitchy "tip" of the tranny "mountain" of... lies. She lies all the time!

Ohio [Andrew Sullivan]

Good News for People Who Like Bad Predictions [Matt Yglesias]


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