'Post' Blog Speculation: Of Interest To Nearly Three Of You

So Raw Story has this as their big scoop at the moment:

This time around the Washington Post plans to hire two bloggers for its Web site.

The paper's ombudsman, Deborah Howell, has informed RAW STORY that Jim Brady, executive editor of washingtonpost.com, is looking for a liberal blogger, along with a conservative one, to replace Ben Domenech who resigned after only three days of blogging, when his earlier writings were discovered by mostly liberal bloggers to be racially insensitive and - in multiple cases - plagiarized.

Which we've known for a little while now, though it didn't seem like that big a deal -- Brady had already announced his intention to hire a Domenech replacement, and the point/counterpoint style blog seemed a natural way to deflect knee-jerk criticism of whomever he settled on hiring. We've heard a number of other additional rumors about the hires, about Brady's job, and about the future of washingtonpost.com as an autonomous entity, but for some reason, people at washingtonpost.com (unlike their friendly and charming print-based comrades) just don't like talking to us on the record (looking back, we should've just asked Froomkin on Tuesday).

Basically we'll have more on this on Monday, but for now, all we'll say is: Jim Brady, call us.

In the meantime, read all about how Postindentured servants journos are marched at gunpoint into the studio to contribute to Post Radio. 'Cause the online chats and blogs just weren't using enough of their unpaid time.


Washington Post searching for bloggers from the right and left [Raw Story]

Post Reporters Threaten to Stay Mum If Not Paid for Talking on Radio [Washingtonian Buzz]


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