Post-Coital Liveblogging Of The Last (?) Hillary v. Obama Debate

So fuckin' fat.It's only 10:50 PM, so it's time to listen to Russert and Matthews and The Rest all talk about what we're talking about. It will be great! Oh dear god Hillary is waving like a seal to the crowd, while shielding her eyes, oh no when will it end? (Also, historical bonus note: That fat piece of crap pictured here is our greatest morbidly obese president, William Howard Taft. He choked to death on a ham sandwich way back in 1974.)

10:50 PM -- You want Part One and Part Two and Part Three and Part Four and Part Five, plus so many crazy video clips? Well, just click and enjoy!

10:56 PM -- Hillary's spin people and Obama's spin people both believe the candidate they're spinning for is the winner of the debate!

10:57 PM -- Also, earlier, Keith Olbermann suggested that a Debate Drinking Game involves "taking a swig ... of a soft drink." And to that, we say: "You, sir, are fucking lame."

11:03 PM -- Hey, it's the Rev. Jesse Jackson! Try listening to him without looking at the screen. YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND HIS WORDS.

11:05 PM -- Seriously, what happened to Jesse? This guy used to give speeches. He spoke at your editor's little sister's high school graduation in San Diego, for example!

11:05 PM -- Ha ha, Jesse "Hymeytown" Jackson says Louis Farrakhan is "free to express himself."

11:06 PM -- Oh what is Jesse talking about? Ian please get video of all of this!

11:06 PM -- "Lynch mob ... Michelle ... Mass Media Personality ... Atmosphere of Danger .... "

11:07 PM -- Chris Matthews responds: "Hmm, well I don't like that."

11:11 PM -- Barack Obama doesn't look like a clown, which becomes painfully apparent watching Andrea Mitchell, Jesse Jackson and Chris Matthews jabbering dumbly.

11:13 PM -- Keith Olbermann is ... uh ... hang on, we need to get a lot more wine, in our mouth.

11:15 PM -- Pat Buchanan is somehow Barack's biggest supporter.

11:17 PM -- Rachel Maddow wants us to know that we should not vote to drive into a ditch. And that means JOHN McCAIN WON THE DEBATE. Oh what is wrong with this woman?

11:21 PM -- OMG the alpaca ads are on MSNBC now. Have you thought about the alpaca lifestyle?

11:22 PM -- Uhhh.


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