Post Debate Hooters Filing: Observe David Axelrod's Head!

Filing from the home office

Your faithful Wonketeer files this report from the Hooters by the Hyatt. She is seated, for reals, at a table shaped like Texas and happily awaits the arrival of some chicken strips (medium spicy, Ranch dressing). Obama just spoke at the Texas Democratic Party dealy at the glamorous Hyatt, and many people cheered very loudly, and he spoke of what makes Austin great in suspiciously general terms.

Did you know, for example, that people come to Austin to make better lives for themselves and their children? Unlike EVERY OTHER FUCKING CITY in the United States.

But this evening, my friends, let's look back on all we have learned and seen on this historic occasion.

We have learned that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is not very tall. We have seen the head of Mark Penn (unctuous):


and a slice of David Axelrod (mustachioed):

He has a big throbbing brain in person, too

Also: Roland Martin and a few others. YOU WILL SEE THEM LATERS, MAYBE.

Following the debate, your editor wandered down to the Scholz Beer Garden, home of many drunk hippies who were still lingering and chanting "Obama! Obama!" Seriously, they were chanting. We picked up Secret Deputized Wonkette Operative "Dan" and sped down to the Hyatt, where an orgy of Democratic politics was taking place.

A swarm of people stood immediately inside the entrance, booing anyone who wasn't Barack Obama. After securing our fancy handwritten press passes, we went upstairs to discover Hillary Clinton had just finished speaking. Just finished! So early!

And there the cliffhanger shall end until early tomorrow morning, when we shall rouse ourselves out of bed stinking of beer and finish this sordid/glorious tale of Hope and Democracy. They just did the last call song at Hooters.


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