A couple weeks ago we mocked the RNC research department for trying to tie Hillary Clinton's felon donor story to the various trumped-up Clinton fundraising scandals of the mid-'90s. The emails seemed to suggest that the "scandals" were one and the same because all the donors in question were Asians who were therefore probably secret Chinese agents. This, uh, interpretation didn't really get much traction. Until today! When the Post's campaign blog thing ran a de-racialized version of it!

In 1997, the pol, of course, was Bill Clinton and the tainted money came from folks such as John Huang, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung and Pauline Kanchanalak. A decade later, it's Hillary Rodham Clinton's turn to write refund checks to deflect attention from a bundler named Norman Hsu.

DO YOU SEE? It's kind of the same thing! Here, let them explain:

* "The Hsu case has nothing to do with those episodes in a direct sense, of course."

* Two paragraphs later: "The case evokes the fundraising scandals born out of Bill Clinton's reelection in 1996...."

The Clinton fundraising thing didn't really go anywhere of course because they gave back all the money, nothing illegal was ever really found, and the whole thing was investigated in the Senate by Hollywood Freddie Thompson, who was too lazy to dig up proof of actual wrongdoing.

Fun fact: the tag in the post's URL is "deja hsu." Rejected headline?

For Clintons, An Unwelcome Echo [WP]

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