Pot Prices to Go Up, Ron Paul Still Going Down

No one ever says anything when I make a pretty pictureMark Emery is a Ron Paul supporter, and a big one. He's also a Canadian, the "Prince of Pot", and about to be a convicted felon. Whoops.

Mark's entire business model revolves around selling marijuana plant seeds through a mail order service, which is against both Canadian and U.S. law but no one in Canada ever really cared until us Southerners got our panties in a bunch over it and started calling for his extradition. Mark's apparently worked out a deal where he'll do his time in Canada near his hot wife and those accused with him will be able to avoid lengthy jail sentences on this side of the border.

The Ron Paul stuff, well, that's a little more complex. Mark's obviously a fan of Ron's little amnesty-for-druggies proposal and his War on Drugs repeal idea, and was apparently keeping his fingers crossed that he, too, would get pardoned if Ron Paul ascended to the Presidency. So, he was handing out pamphlets at his Canadian head shop and promoting Ron Paul online and maybe even doing some Canadian-based organizing... much of which might run afoul of Federal Election Commission rules on the political activities of non-U.S. citizens and all of which is most definitely not allowed without registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (I checked, by the way, and he's not listed).

Either way, Mark's headed for the slammer, Ron Paul's headed back to relative obscurity and thousands of Americans are losing access to that good BC weed supply. It's a sad day for a lot of people.

The Prince Of Pot [CBS]

Prince of Pot Plea Deal [Seattle Weekly]


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