Preacher Who Claims Women In Yoga Pants 'Deserve Rape' Arrested For Kicking One


Students at the University of Arizona are cheering over the arrest of Dean Frederick Saxton, aka "Brother Dean" -- a street preacher best known for hanging around the campus carrying a sign that says "You Deserve Rape" and yelling about how women deserve to be raped because they wear yoga pants and yoga pants are for SLUTS. Shockingly, he is not exactly very popular on campus.

Saxton has been accused of kicking a woman in the chest (as Jesus surely would have done), and was not only arrested, but banned from the campus for one year.

Dean was the subject of a short Vice documentary in 2014 in which he attempted to explain why he thought that this was the best way to lead people to the lord.

He is also not particularly good at spelling.

Saxton was booked into the Pima County jail and his bond was set at $641.

[Tuscon News Now]

Robyn Pennacchia

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