Presdident Still Basically Eats Like Little Kid

Would you like to try the president's meat? - WonkettePresident Bush may be one of the healthiest presidents ever, what with his getting 12 hours of sleep a night, biking a hundred miles a day, and forcing his wife to pretend she doesn't smoke like Bill Hicks, but some Australians are criticizing his diet. That's right, Australians -- the nation that eats only grilled koala and eucalyptus leaves and drinks beer for breakfast and lunch. Apparently, Bush isn't getting enough of two of those important food groups.

"The main concern with the plate is the quantity of the protein-rich foods, with a very small amount of vegetables and no breads at all," Dr Flood said.

"The sausages are probably a higher-fat choice of meat and the T-bone generally is a higher-fat meat choice as well, so the meat choice alone, the quantity of the meat, is the concern."

Mr Bush - a self-confessed "meat guy" - was snapped holding a plate with a large steak, two sausages, at least four prawns, a sliver of carrot and a small piece of corn.

If Bush's diet doesn't improve, his presidency-for-life may only last until his late 80s. You'll never beat Castro with steak, Mr. President!

Meat and Greet -- All the President's Lunch []


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