President Bush Shows His True Feelings?

Maybe Its A Thumb A Hideous Elongated ThumbWe were suspicious when we began hearing that President Bush flipped off the press yesterday in a visit to the Hill. The only clip available was from "The Tonight Show," and despite Leno's assertion that they hadn't "doctored" the tape, we have trouble trusting anyone with chin implants. Then we saw the original feed. And, whaddya know? About 25 seconds in, Bush's arm pops out of the security scrum like it's on a spring... a spring with the official American sign for "fuck you" on top. Is there such a thing as physical Tourette's?

Other possible reasons the President could be raising his middle finger like that besides wanting to send a very public message to the Washington press corps:

Armpit and sides of middle finger suddenly sweaty

Easy way to increase reception for radio device taped to his back

Was answering the question "where do puppies go after they die?", had paper cut on normal pointing finger.

Attempt to buck up Republican troops with "We're Number One! We're Number One!" chant, forgot which finger meant "one."

Gesture actually intended for Senator Leahy.

MSNBC Live [TVEyes]

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UPDATE: Upon many, many viewings, we think it could be his thumb. His hideous, elongated thumb.


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