President Drunk, Book Not Going to Sell Self

Family support is imperative in beating addiction.

Yahoo "Expert Health Blogger" Patrick Moore has a great idea to set the nation back on track and help publicize his upcoming self-help book: Compassionately call the President a drunk.

Regardless of whether or not he considers himself an alcoholic, we must insist that the president stop behaving like one. The principles of recovery could benefit the president as well as improving the spiritual and emotional health of his administration. Each day this week, we'll be looking at how the Bush administration has stumbled without The Principles and where our president, his administration, and our country might find hope by using them.

Tomorrow...Surrender, Hope and Faith in the Bush presidency.

We read that last bit like the narrator on a '70s cop show: "Next week on The Principles -- the Presidential Task Force on murder..."

Anyway, if you're looking for a five-part piece on how Bush could use the 12-step process to, uh, repent or something, it's your lucky week. For those of you hoping that step one is "fire Donald Rumsfeld" and 12 is "resign," well, have another drink. You'll need it.

George Bush, Alcoholic - Part 1 [Yahoo]


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