President-Elect Biden Not Surprised Trump And Pompeo Being Low-Rent Fascists, Just Disappointed

President-Elect Biden Not Surprised Trump And Pompeo Being Low-Rent Fascists, Just Disappointed

Kids, as we said this morning, we are going to get through this. Unfortunately, it's the year 2020, and we're talking about the end of the Donald Trump presidency, so things are going to be extra-stupid until January 20, 2021, when Joseph Robinette Biden officially becomes the 46th president of the United States and the 2nd Real Dad of Donald Trump.

President-elect Biden was asked today to respond to Trump's pissy shitbaby refusal to concede the election and the clown-fascist moves he's been making to try to hang on to power. He was also asked to respond to actual Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying there will totally be a peaceful transition, to a second Trump term.

You need to watch the video, to see how Biden broke out into a grin when asked to respond to those idiots:

BIDEN: We are already beginning the transition. We're well underway. And the ability for the administration in any way, by failure to recognize our win — does not change the dynamic and all and what we're able to do. [...] Nothing's going to stop that. The fact that they're not willing to acknowledge we won, at this point, is not of much consequence in our planning and what we're able to do between now and January 20.

In other words, have your temper tantrum and do your sad little Civil War re-enactor version of a coup, it won't matter.

And what will Biden do if Trump keeps being a shitbag and refuses to acknowledge that as of January 20, he will be even more of a nobody than he ever was? Will he take legal action?

BIDEN: I don't see a need for legal action, quite frankly. I think the legal action is — you're seeing it play out, the actions he's taking. And so far, there's no evidence of any of the assertions made of the president or Secretary of State Pompeo.

At which point Biden chuckled and laughed and grinned, repeating the words "Secretary of State Pompeo," as if to underscore what a fuckin' loser that guy is, and how laughably unfit for that title of respect the assbreather from Kansas really is.

In this final video, Biden concern-trolled Trump, noting that Trump's very bad stinky fascist behavior is an "embarrassment, quite frankly," and that it "will not help the president's legacy." (Haha, he said Trump would have a "legacy." Very diplomatic of you, sir! Next you'll be suggesting Trump will have a "library.")

That's right, Donald. Think of your "legacy."

Biden also said he's having just really nice conversations with world leaders right now, as they all call to congratulate him and say "Oh thank fucking God," or however Angela Merkel says that in German. (She says it in German like this.)

In 71 days, this man will be president. Everything is going to be so dumb until then.


[videos viaThe American Independent]

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