President Grand Wizard Spends Weekend Being White Supremacist, Oh Golly Gee WHAAAAAT?

Donald Trump is a racist white supremacist piece of shit garbage human, and that is a thing that Axios and the New York Times and so many others in the media have a very hard time saying, we guess because of how true it is. Dunno.

If you paid attention to the news this weekend, you might have seen that Trump spent his Sunday morning worshiping Jesus Christ shit-tweeting racism at the so-called "squad" of newly elected congressional Democrats who seem to shake things up so very much all the time, and who have been particularly outspoken about Trump's evil policies from the very beginning, with a recent emphasis on his concentration camps at the border:

Oh wow, what a surprise that Donald Trump is a vicious racist. This is definitely an "escalation" from that time Trump started his campaign by coming down an escalator and calling Mexicans rapists. (No, really! Lots of news sites are saying that Trump's racism has "changed" and that this is an "escalation.")

To be clear, we are talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley. All are women of color. One, Ilhan Omar, was not born in the United States. She fled Somalia as a refugee during childhood and became an American citizen in 2000. Ocasio-Cortez was born in the Bronx, Tlaib was born in Detroit, and Pressley was born in the foreign country of "Ohio," before growing up in Chicago and moving to Boston, which she now represents in Congress.

But they are women of color, therefore they are not real Americans, according to President Grand Wizard. And to be clear, Trump tweeted this the same day that massive ICE raids were about to supposedly start, in order to terrorize people of color.

For expert comment on whether Trump is really a racist (yes), let's go to Jack O'Donnell, the former president of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, quoted by the New York Times:

"Trump has not only always been a racist, but anyone around him who denies it, is lying," Mr. O'Donnell said on Sunday. "Donald Trump makes racist comments all the time. Once you know him, he speaks his mind about race very openly."

Mr. Trump, he said, regularly trafficked in racial stereotypes — Jews were good with money, blacks were lazy, Puerto Ricans dressed badly. "White people are Americans to Trump; everyone else is from somewhere else," Mr. O'Donnell said.

It's not that we thought Wonkette readers did not already understand that Donald Trump is a balls-out white supremacist. It's just good to emphasize it at every opportunity.

Trump spent the rest of Sunday bizarrely retweeting seemingly every nice thing anybody ever said about him on Twitter, because he is a thin-skinned loser who would probably literally explode in a puddle of tears and regret if he were ever to be denied praise for more than an hour or so. He then followed up last night with this:

And then this morning, because "Monday" means something different for President LazyFarts from what it means for the rest of us, and because his Art Of The Deal attempt to drive a wedge between Democrats -- Those un-white women are calling Trump's very good pal Nancy Pelosi racist! Maybe she wants to deport them to where they came from! -- wasn't working, he has graced us with these (so far):

Uh huh, Donald Trump is so very offended by "foul language" and "racist hatred," uh huh yep, go fuck yourself, dude.

If you've been on the internet this weekend, you also know that some Democrats have been squabbling amongst themselves on Twitter, which is definitely where they should be squabbling. We don't want to get into the reason for the fight, because WE DO NOT CARE BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT, SO PLEASE FUCKING GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE GODDAMNED BALL, ALL OF YOU, but we will say that it's been a fight between Pelosi and her aligned factions and the squad and their aligned factions. Clearly, Trump saw an opportunity!

But because he is the stupidest person ever born in the United States of America, and because he is a pig ignorant white supremacist, it's not going well for him. Now the Democrats are reuniting, at least for the purposes of telling Trump to go eat a shit-flavored popsicle in hell:

Flawless victory as usual, Mister President.

Of course, the American congresswomen Trump was inciting xenophobic hatred against have also responded:

And obviously the GOP has quickly jumped to condemn Trump:

JUST KIDDING. Amash isn't a Republican anymore, so he doesn't feel pressured to prop up Trump's white supremacist administration these days.

Here are two good examples of the GOP response:

Donald Trump has an Asian friend and all those un-white ladies hate Jews. That is their response. Cool.

So that is the story of what happened this weekend in America, because the unelected garbage president (who thinks that pretty much all the countries that aren't majority white are "shitholes") is a racist white supremacist pig.

None of this is surprising.

[New York Times]

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