President Samuel David Cheney to Oversee Opening of Dulles Rail Link

Epcot Airport - WonketteWe like to start our Tuesdays on a bright note, and here's some great news from our Virginia friends: barring a number of possible (and in some cases very probable) set-backs, you might be able to take the train the rest of the way to Dulles in nine years! If you're still alive!

Fairfax County voted to pay for part of the extension of the beloved Orange line the rest of the way to the airport on an elevated line that will slice through and permanently destroy the residential or commercial viability of whatever has the misfortune to lie between DC and its humming, hideous, modernist atrocity of an international airport.

Fairfax will put up $400 million, the federal government will hopefully maybe give them another billion, and the other three-and-a-half billion dollars will come from a bake sale or something.

Until the track extension is complete, travelers are advised to not bother going anywhere.

Fairfax Votes For Overhead Metro Link To Dulles [WP]


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