On Monday night, we were convinced to trek down to the National Press Club to see something we haven't bothered with since high school: a battle of the bands. But this one was different -- it had legendary studio guitar wizard Jeff "Skunk" Baxter.

Oh, and Tony Snow and Bob Shieffer.

A gallery of pictures from the lovely Liz Gorman is available right here.

Our brief review is after the jump.

Battle of the Bands Gallery

Bob Shieffer played with local country pros Honky Tonk Confidential, a pretty tight band with a great rhythm section and an impressive pedal steel player. They played mostly originals, with Shieffer stepping in every now and then to add his self-penned, oft-amusing lyrics in a charmingly amateurish drawl.

Snow played with his band, Beats Workin'. Beats Workin' sounds like a bad wedding band inspired a little too much by Jethro Tull. They played shitty classic rock and occasional lengthy free-form flute solos. Their drummer was a slightly better singer than their actual singer, who Liz decided was named "Chip." They played the most anemic version of "I Got You (I Feel Good)" we've ever heard. But when they covered "China Grove" Skunk Baxter woke up enough to recreate his kick-ass solo perfectly, so they won. We think, we'd left by then.


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