Press Gaggle: How Do You Spell Chertoff? N-O-T-K-E-R-I-K

What the White House learned from that Kerik episode: Never explain, never apologize, but do try to a background check.

Q. The President made a point of saying that Judge Chertoff has been confirmed three times. Why did he make that point?

SCOTT McCLELLAN: He's someone who, like I said, enjoys wide respect from Democrats and Republicans alike, particularly on the Hill. He is someone who has a lot of experience and brings a lot of talent to this position. And that's why the President talked about it.

Q. Did it have anything to do with the flameout of his last nominee?

MR. McCLELLAN: That issue is behind us. The President is moving forward on this new nominee...

11 Jan. 2005 []


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