Presumably, Alex Radita's Parents Will Be Going To Jail

Even Jesus hates these fucks

We won't lie: this week is awful. Between the dead gorilla and Donald Trump's continued existence, we almost feel bad heaping more awfulness onto your weekend by providing updates on the Alex Radita story.

If you feel that your constitution cannot handle hearing more details in what might be the most gruesome child neglect story we've ever covered, know that your patience will be rewarded at the end with a Children's Treasury of kittens dressed like tiny sailors. Their squishy fuzzy faces are about the only things that kept Yr Volpe from tearing his own hair out while writing this story, so allow us to pass their healing power off to you. It's more than Alex's parents ever did for him.

Let's dive into this awfulness.

Alex Radita's parents were faith-healing fucksticks after all

Fuuuuuuuuuuck why does this case have to exist?

If you remember last week, we reported the soul-scarringly tragic story of Alex Radita, a diabetic boy deprived of insulin and food by his monster beast parents Emil and Rodica. At the time, we ABSOLUTELY DID NOT SPECULATE that the Bible verses about health through God scattered around the house had anything to do with Alex's death.

It's a good thing we DID NOT SPECULATE, because it turns out we would have been right: Testimony heard this week revealed that the Raditas prayed over Alex instead of taking him to a doctor, and told their friends at their local church that Alex had died, but through prayer had risen from the grave.

Marius Ciltan, who attended the Romanian Apostolic Pentecostal Church alongside the Raditas, was one of the most recent witnesses to Alex's condition. Ciltan claims he received a phone call from a fellow church member around 11 a.m. on May 7, 2013, proclaiming that the Raditas' son had died but been resurrected. Ciltan went to the Raditas' house and found the whole family praying outside of Alex's room. It was there that Emil Radita confirmed the rumor that Alex had died the previous night but "in the morning he raise up." When Ciltan saw Alex, he described him as pasty-skinned and immobile, and in retrospect almost definitely dead.

Other congregation members visited the Raditas' house throughout the day, none of them apparently seeing anything wrong with a DEAD CHILD, but it wasn't until pastor Nicolai Brancu came to the house that something was actually done. After urging his parents to call an ambulance (THEY HADN'T CALLED 911? FUUUUUUU-) Nicolai convinced Emil to finally tell someone what had happened. It was 10 p.m. by the time his parents contacted the police. According to the medical examiner, Alex had been dead for 12 to 36 hours before anyone did a damn thing. You can hear the full 911 call at this link.

Testimony revealed that the Raditas outright refused to take responsibility for Alex's condition, claiming that it was those evil doctors who first diagnosed Alex with diabetes at age 3 who were to blame. The Raditas claimed that the doctors had injected Alex with insulin when he didn't need it, and that had caused his diabetes.

Excuse us while we vigorously massage our temples before we break this bullshit down. Oh, that hits the spot.


Thing the second, even if that shot of insulin did cause diabetes, wouldn't that mean the child was diabetic and thus needed his medication for it? It's one thing if his parents were so delusional that they didn't believe he had diabetes at all, but if they acknowledge he had diabetes then their neglect of his medicine wasn't ignorance but callous cruelty.

Thing the third, if the parents do acknowledge that he had diabetes, then their constant lies to family and friends about Alex's condition are all the more damning. The Raditas told Alex's sibling that their brother had cancer, which is obviously a lie since they never once treated him for such. They told their friends at church that Alex was sick with the flu in the few days before he died, and we know that's a lie because they never gave him any medication for that either. Are you noticing a trend?

What's even more sickening is that the Raditas tried to justify their medical neglect by pinning the blame entirely on their sick son:

When [Constable] Pugliese and [Medical Examiner] Mitchell asked the Raditas why there was such a "huge delay" in calling for medical help, the Raditas told him it had been their son's choice.

"Emil had said that he told [Alex] that he needed to go to the hospital but he refused and said that he didn't like to go to hospitals because he had a bad experience when he was three years old," said Pugliese.

You assholes. Alex was three when he was diagnosed. You know what Yr Volpe remembers from when he was three? Nothing. We have a vague recollection of spelling C-A-T in magnets on the fridge and a line of dancing camels at our family's vacation hotel, and that was most definitely pieced together from cartoons. Your son didn't remember "a bad experience" when he was three. He remembered over a decade of you hammering it into his head that doctors were evil liars who had abused him. All he remembered were the lies you told him that the doctors were the reason he was so weak all the time, not your shitty excuse for parenting.

The results of Alex's autopsy are stomach churning, so we give you the freedom to jump down to the pictures of kitties on the high seas if you wish to avoid reading the awfulness of Alex's full condition. You've been warned.

The autopsy revealed Alex died from a bacterial sepsis (Staphyloccus aureus) from complications of neglect and starvation.

The fifteen-year-old was found wearing only a T-shirt and a diaper at the time of his death.

The medical examiner testified Thursday, and said Alex had no usable teeth, and he was covered in dozens of ulcers.

Dr. Gofton said Alex’s body was filled with infection, and had bacteria everywhere from his kidneys to his adrenal glands, his spleen and blood stream.

The teen also had a necrotizing ulcer on his neck, that left one of his salivary glands exposed. He had what appeared to be gangrene on one of his toes.

Court also heard Alex was lacking neck muscles; the tissues had liquefied, and the area was filled with puss.

This was all compounded by his type 1 diabetes – that went untreated.

And lest we repeat ourselves, THE FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD WEIGHED ONLY 37 POUNDS.

Testimony continues in the trial, but we've had about all we can take of this case. Alex was a miserable child who died a horrid death from parents who refused to acknowledge even basic medical science. All the evidence against them indicates that they will be going to jail for a very long time, and we hope that we don't have to wallow anymore in this story until then. Even we have our limits.

We're going to end today those images of cats dressed like little sailors that we promised you, because God only knows there is too much awfulness not to.

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