Pretend President Gets Real-Life Aircraft Carrier!

Another ship lost to the War On Inflation - Wonkette

We were hoping for the USS Nancy Pelosi, but it looks like Gerald Ford is getting his aircraft carrier after all.

Learn all about this stupid new development, after the jump.

Navy veterans are furious because Ford was never elected and served only the last couple years of Nixon's second term. Oh, and the ship is replacing a carrier that was named the USS America -- so a fake president's name is going to replace the name of the whole country.

Oh, and the USS America was intentionally destroyed, in a "test."

Could it be worse? Yes, because Rumsfeld got involved!

In a final public act of sabotage against America's Military, the hateful little man announced at Ford's funeral that the carrier would bear Jerry's name. The Pentagon, as usual, was furious at Rumsfeld. The name of the ship was supposed to be announced at a ceremony in two weeks, and it was supposed to be a surprise. But Donald Rumsfeld is still a threat, and he's always plotting against America's armed forces.

Navy officials, who had kept the name of the newest flattop a closely guarded secret in recent months, were caught off guard and left scrambling by Rumsfeld's sudden revelation. Later in the day, the Navy confirmed that the ship would indeed be named the USS Gerald R. Ford. The announcement had not been expected until Jan. 16.
Classless to the last ....

Navy to Name Next Aircraft Carrier After a President That was Never Elected [Bring It On!]

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