Pretty Sure Diamond And Silk Are Black White Nationalists

Post-Racial America
Pretty Sure Diamond And Silk Are Black White Nationalists

I'm getting super tired of Diamond and Silk, especially since at this point they've been running this con long enough for me to accidentally remember BOTH of their real Government names, Lynette Hardaway (Fucking Diamond), and Rochelle Richardson (Goddamn Silk). I have long despised both trolls; I've hated their hair, their animal print, their dumb facial expressions, their jiggin' and jivin', but most of all? I have hated the way they prop up the most vile white supremacy in our government, and it's time to start calling that shit out.

Often we, Black Democrats, behave like White Democrats when it comes to Black Republicans. We don't know what the fuck to say when these minstrel shows pop up and embarrass us and our entire race by being stereotypical, utterly obnoxious, and lying their black asses off for fun and profit. We try not to single them out when they behave like they're the lead actors in a blaxploitation film, or extras on the Black Jesus episode of Good Times, but enough is enough. They must be stopped. And guess what white Liberals? It's perfectly fine for you to call them out too.

People who know me know that I would NEVER expound upon things that do not directly concern me: "If the business ain't mine it don't make me no never-mind" has long been my motto. But. They must be stopped.

They are the black faces of White Nationalism.

From The Grio:

The African-American duo, whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, said they are tired of people linking Trump to white supremacy, especially following two mass shootings this month.

My problem isn't that these two ladies are more embarrassing, more exhausting, more prone to malapropisms, more lacking in the ability to articulate their wild ass positions. My problem is they are getting better (not to you), more polished (someone is helping), more articulate (kinda), and more able to convince a suburban college-educated white woman that they are not (this is the issue) in fact simply a pair of dummies paid to perform blackness for white audiences. I ain't got time for this!

Here is evidence that Punkin' n' Dunkin' are super close to being Stephen from Django.

Damn. See what they did right there? They blended fact with fan-fiction, re-framed the narrative, and put the blame back on Democrats, while "subtly" reminding folks we had segregationists in our party that we made deals with. They singled out Joe Biden for his work with the remaining Dixiecrats, and suddenly, Trump didn't look as racist as he did before. Or, at least, he doesn't look racist by himself. Also? They are not solely speaking to white people anymore, they are speaking to me. And I do not like it.

Trump has two, possibly three black friends, besides Kanye, and he, I am sure, counts Kim as one to boost his numbers. He has Kanye, he has that lady who is Mark Meadows's Black Friend, Dumber and Dumberer ... oh! And Ben Carson. That's five! Six if Kim counts! (She doesn't.) Damn! Watch out Eminem! Trump will be coming at you with a Rap Beef soon. Heh.

Can we all just silently hate them for looking so dumb, on purpose, in a photograph? Ugh.

Daily Mail has a few quotes from these bootleg Bobbsey Twins:

'You know we hear these people calling our president 'white supremacy.' But guess what? They represent the party that created white supremacy right here in the United States,' Hardaway, known as Diamond, told Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs on Friday night.

Okay, Diamond, I've been nice about this, but I don't like you one bit, so I need you to go on ahead, and download a "suffix table" some time today, and stop fucking talking like you ain't got no damn sense. It's White Supremacist! Ist! Ist ist ist! Like "is" in German! No idea how I know that. I don't have time to give a full history lesson, but let me assure you that white supremacy predated EITHER political party we have today. I have no idea who told her that dumb shit, my problem is: People will believe her.

Since shit didn't work out with A$AP Rocky, who didn't even go to the white House and kiss the King's rings, Trump has been retweeting these two skags all weekend long.

I don't appreciate it when Silk decides to speak, and halfway makes sense. Period.

'What's really funny is I see a lot more white people playing the race card,' she said.

'Playing the race card more than black people,' she continued. 'You know, as a black woman I know what racism do look like. But it's really funny to me to see another white man call another white man a racist when they never experienced racism. That's disgusting to me.'

Which one of y'all let your white friends hold your race card? THAT IS FOR YOU, AND ONLY YOU, BLACK PEOPLE! Y'all better stop lending out your race cards to Carol, Jill, and Kirsten before we take them back. You'll end up like Ben Carson, sleeping through microaggressions, because you're caught up in Deliverance without a card to play.

This next video is just more evidence that Dizzy and Dingle need to be extradited to Marianne's moon for being loony with intent to kill. I almost died from how stupid they are.

Hold the fuck up. Did these two Pocket Bagger Vances just say Oprah and Gayle copied THEM? We gonna have to ban drawstring ponytails and lace front wigs, because obviously black women are getting brain damage and starting to think Oprah fucking Winfrey would ever bite a goddamn thing from them. Oprah INVENTED black women having their own damn show.

Last, but never least, these two harpies go after every woman darker than a paper bag (Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez darker or lighter? Pretend she's darker.) and accuse them of having some type of deeply ingrained racism, while completely giving a full pass to the entirety of the Republican Party.

I can forgive them for the loud ass animal print errythang, the dumb as all hell facial expressions, and the too tight hair pieces. I can even forgive them for this mega grift they have going scamming the MAGAs out of buckets of cash: Hell, they got it honest from their televangelist parents, and the MAGA people deserve it. But I will not and cannot forgive their nonstop attacks on black women, brown women, and any other minority woman who stands up to Trump. And NOBODY should ever forgive them for Jiggin' and Jivin' as the Ambassadors for White Supremacy.

[Daily Mail/The Grio]

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