Primary Dolor: Campaigning Roundup

· Latest poll: Kerry, 31; Dean, 28; Clark 13; Edwards, 12. Otherwise known as wide open. [Reuters]

· Edwards, Clark aim for third place, want second; Lieberman keeps hope alive for surprise. [WSJ]

· Edwards feels Iowa bounce. [WT]

· Bush jokes "Boy, that speech in Iowa was something else. Talk about shock and awe. Saddam Hussein felt so bad for Governor Dean that he offered him his hole." [NYT]

· Dean speaks in hushed tones about his wife: "Get her out. Get her out. Get her out." [NYT]

· Dean, Edwards question Kerry on the war while Kerry denounces negativity. [AP] and [WP]

· Race follows cliche of convention versus novelty; history favors convention. [WP]


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