Primary Dolor: Faith Matters

· Kerry has "double challenge" of fending off rivals and promoting his vision. [WSJ] and [NYT]

· Republicans dub Kerry "out of sync" and "out of step with the rest of America." [NYT]

· Kerry increases fundraising and gains union support. [WP] and [WT]

· Edwards: "This is a very fluid race. It looks like it's narrowed down to two, or maybe three, candidates. And I think if it's two, it's myself and Senator Kerry. I'll let General Clark argue for whether he should be number three." [WT] and [NYT]

· Edwards, Clark focus on Feb 10: Virginia and Tennessee. [WP] and [WP]

· Dean expects to win Washington, lose Michigan, and continue no matter the results. "If he can't break through in Washington, then he has to hang it up. At that point, he won't have any credibility going forward," says chairman of Gore's 2000 campaign. [WP] and [NYT]

· Democrats worry about extended primary race. "If it disintegrates into a food fight, then we're doing George Bush's work for him," says Joe Lockhart. [WSJ]

· Candidates gotta have faith: "Twenty-one percent [of those polled] said they would like to see religion play more of a role in the president's policy-making." Great idea! [WT]


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