Primary Dolor: Reality Check Edition

·Bush's approval rating is below 50 percent for first time; Kerry leads Bush 53 percent to 46 percent according to USAT/CNN/Gallup Poll. [USAT]

· Front-runner Kerry is criticized by Dean for missing Medicare votes and Edwards for supporting NAFTA and being close to lobbyists. [WP] and [NYT]

· Today is judgment day for Edwards; Clark and Lieberman still playing "Let's Pretend." [WP] and [NYT]

·Kerry crowned 'ABB' by some voters; Party leaders could endorse following a primary sweep today. [WP] and [NYT]

·Bush doesn't forget his conservative base. [WP] and [NYT]

· Electability is the deciding factor. Rep. James Clyburn: "Black folks to a much greater degree want to see Bush out of the White House. Black people aren't crazy. They're looking for somebody they think can win in November." [WP]

·Lieberman concedes a market correction: "I was irrationally exuberant." [WP]


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