Primary Dolor: Relatively Obscure Edition

fear-mongering for fun and profit·Bush unveils stump speech: "The American people will decide between two visions of government: a government that encourages ownership and opportunity and responsibility -- or a government that takes your money and makes your choices. The security and prosperity of America are at stake." [WP and NYT]

·Kerry's record shows support of Bush policies he is now against and opposition to numerous defense projects. "Kerry can't run from his record," says Terry Holt, Bush campaign flak. [WP and WT]

· On the trail, Kerry won't let people forget Vietnam; claims that the Bush campaign calls its new ad campaign "Operation Carpet Bombing." [WP and LAT]

· Administration under fire for projecting incorrect economic figures. Others say the White House was simply "a little exuberant." Spokesman Trent Duffy demurs: "Nobody saw this happening -- not Wall Street, not Vegas, not Poor Richard, not Nostradamus." [WP]

·Kerry leads Edwards in California poll; both candidates beat Bush. [LAT]

·Edwards campaigns for support of Dean's supporters, Dean himself is playing hard to get: "Edwards called Dean three times last week, according to Edwards's aides. In each case, Edwards was the suitor." [BG]

·Edwards fumbles foreign economic policy question on European retaliatory trade tariffs. Flak responds: Americans are concerned with security, not "a relatively obscure" dispute between the E.U. and the U.S. on a corporate tax credit. [LAT]

·Edwards, Kerry fight for New York and a possible endorsement from The New York Times, but it's Dean who could decide the state: "transform[ing] the Dean what-might-have-been into a powerful political force for Edwards." [NYT]

·Kucinich goes for Hawaii: "Don't ever sell yourself short with the power that you have. Tuesday is your turn. People are looking for a new direction. This race is far from over. Now, granted, I'm back in the pack, but so was Seabiscuit." [WP]

· Democrats prepared to fight Nader. [WT]


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