Primary Dolor: Some People Write About Things That Have Nothing to Do With Kerry Infidelity Story

follow the bouncing ball·Bush down in new Washington Post-ABC News poll: 50 percent approve, down 8 points from January; 52 percent believe he is "honest and trustworthy," down from 71 percent in 2002; 54 percent believe he exaggerated or lied about prewar intel; Kerry beats Bush 52-43, though Bush's support is stronger. [WP and WP]

·Clark set to endorse Kerry today; Dean goes after Clark voters: "The media would like to end this candidacy. They claim the contest is over. They say your voice doesn't matter; they say your vote doesn't count... You don't have to listen to them." [LAT and NYT]

·Kerry gains in Wisconsin. [WP]

·Ed Gillespie denounces Democrats for running the "dirtiest" campaign and blames the media as a co-conspirator; Terry McAuliffe responds that Gillespie is "hyperventilating." [WT]

· Video message emailed to six million Bush supporters: "Kerry - brought to you by the special interests." [LAT and NYT]

· Conservatives focus on Kerry's anti-war history. [NYT]

· Remarkably, Edwards is still upbeat, says campaign is based on "the politics of hope, the politics of what's possible." (Half right?) [LAT]


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