Primary Dolor: They're Voting in New Hampshire

· Latest poll (from that shady Zogby character, make of it what you will): Kerry, 37; Dean, 24; Edwards, 12; Clark, 9; Lieberman, 9; Results expected at 8 p.m. [Reuters] and [NYT]

· Clark slips, but secures 8 votes. [Reuters] and [AP]

· Record 180,000 voters expected in New Hampshire; Dean: "This is the comeback state. We need to win here." [Reuters]

· Candidates wrap up their New Hampshire campaigns; Edwards: "Can you feel it?" [NYT]

· Dean campaign honcho Joe Trippi, pauses to reflect: "Gore's endorsement made all of these guys decide: `We've got to stop him right now, at all costs. Kill this guy.'" [NYT]


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