Pro-Erection, Anti-Abortion

All I can say is: Ew.Do you see this? This is a penis-enlargement pump, also known as a masturbation aide. The Medicare program spent $450 each on about 47,000 of these suckers (total costs: $21 million) for old people. We got this little tidbit from a NY Times story about how the government stupidly overpays for everything. Notably, Medicaid (which serves low income Americans) only covers abortions in the case of rape, incest or the health of the mother. In addition, Bush's so-called Mexico City policy currently prohibits the government from funding contraceptive programs abroad if those programs provide or even talk about abortions. But $450 penis pumps for old guys is totally good use of our government's money. Erections for all, abortions for none! [NY Times, National Abortion Federation, House Committee on Foreign Relations]


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