Pro-Life Tennessee Congressman Just Having All The Abortions So No One Else Has To

Pro-Life Tennessee Congressman Just Having All The Abortions So No One Else Has To

Remember Scott DesJarlais? Of course you do. He is the "pro-life congressman" whowhined at (one of) his (many) mistress(es) to have an abortion -- while recording the telephone call in which he pressured her (with his whining)? Well, now it appears the "consistently pro-life congressman" -- who just won re-election -- supported his wife in having two of them! It sounds to us like maybe Tennessee could fund Planned Parenthood a little better, so as poor, uneducated people like the doctor and his wife could get on birth control instead of murdering precious babies for fun!

One of the Desjarlais's 'bortions occurred while she was on medications that could have had terrible consequences for either her or the baby. Most people who aren't Santorums would have no issue with this beyond saying "oh that is sad." But the other 'bortion was because they were having difficulties in their relationship (i.e., they hated each other, probably because of how he was porking his patients like he was a Gingrich). That sounds to us like neither "health of the mother" nor legitimate rape! Is it possible -- we are just wondering out loud! -- that Scott DesJarlais, the "pro-life congressman," has a problem with hypocrisy?

Keep 'em coming please, Tennessee!

[ChattanoogaTFP, via PoliticalWire]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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