Procedural BULLLLLLLLLLSH*T. Let's Mark Up The Trump Articles Of Impeachment!

Hey, are you guys watching this bullshit? Or rather should we say, ARE YOU WATCHING HISTORY BEING MADE?

The hearing in the House Judiciary Committee to mark up the impeachment articles against Donald Trump has been going for a few minutes, and so far what we have seen is what is known in Congress-ese as procedural buuuuuulllllllllllllshit. And that's how it's going to go during today's markup, in large part. Democrats will be normal, and Republicans will offer as many amendments as they can to slow down the process and gum it up and just generally be obnoxious.

So far, Jerry Nadler offered an amendment to change references to "Donald J. Trump" to "Donald John Trump" in the impeachment. Ranking member Doug Collins said Nadler's amendment was DUMB.

Then Jim Jordan offered an amendment to delete all of the first article of impeachment, you know, the one with the Ukraine crimes. This happened after last night, when Jordan explained that Democrats are only doing this because they don't like Trump supporters. While that may be true, actually we are doing this because Trump committed a fuckload of crimes and is a danger to the national security of the republic.

Glad we could clear that up, Jim!

This livestream will probably turn into a liveblog as the day goes on and bullshit happens, but for now, if you'd like to watch, here is a video to you!

WATCH LIVE | Trump impeachment inquiry: House Judiciary Committee debates articles of

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