Professional Courtesy? Never Heard Of It.


From Deadspin comes news that Post columnist Tony Kornheiser, fresh off his couldn't-be-worse-than-Dennis Miller debut as a Monday Night Football commentator, was a little bit pissed that the Post gave him the ol' fingeroo in its review:

I apparently got ripped in my own newspaper, The Washington Post, you know by a two-bit weasel slug named Paul Farhi, who I would gladly run over with a Mack Truck given the opportunity.... I thought my own newspaper would be kinder and I wouldn't be back-stabbed by this guy.

Be grateful, Tony -- at least they didn't sic Dana Milbank on you. His razor wit would have carved you up like Peyton Manning going through the 49ers' defensive secondary. You like that line? You can use it, no charge. Now that's what we call professional courtesy.

Tony Kornheiser Should Probably Take A Deep Breath [Deadspin]

Monday Night Football War of Words At 'Washington Post' [E&P]


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