Prominent Villain Joe Lieberman Is Somehow Quite Popular With The Gays


So after Obama's gay rights speech on Sunday, this LGBT White House person suggested that maybe everyone would try hitching a repeal of DADT to Joe Lieberman, a grape that rolled under a couch like 50 years ago and in the interim transformed into a malign raisin and also, somehow, a Senator from Connecticut. Why Lieberman? Um.

Well, look at this thing he did back in March, that time he introduced a bill that would give spousal benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees. And also Lieberman is friends with Olympia Snowe, a chimerical New England ice deity who decides what ideas become facts. Plus, Lieberman has always loathed DADT, his staff is saying, as if even they think this means anything. Anyway, this would work out well for gays, who really do need someone in the Senate to push this thing through, and also Lieberman, who is so despised at this point by his own constituents that actual adults are purchasing ninja costumes because they think this will help them cause him physical harm.

[The Advocate]


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